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Doc Pomus

Songwriter - Producer - Singer

1925 - 1991

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All-Music Guide
"The Legendary Doc Pomus Found Success As One Of The Finest White Blues Singers Of The 1940s Before Becoming One Of The Greatest Songwriters In The History Of American Popular Music."
Billboard Magazine
"...Legendary Songwriter."
Entertainment Weekly
"...Helped Invent Today's Young Rock Fans' Music."
New York Daily News
"...The Elder Statesman Of Rock & Roll. ...The Creator Of Some Of The Biggest Hits In Rock & Roll History. ...A Great Man."
New York Post
"...Legendary Songwriter. ...Was Respected And Beloved By Everyone In The Music Business. ...Helped Define Modern Rock And R&B Music."
New York Times
"...One Of The Most Successful Rock & Roll Songwriters."
Rolling Stone
"Every Songwriter In Rock & Roll Owes Something To Doc Pomus. ...Bluesmen, Triple-Platinum Rockers, Club Owners And Record Company Suits All Did The E.F. Hutton Lean To Catch What He Had To Say. ...If The Music Industry Had A Heart, It Would Be Doc Pomus. ...Legendary Songwriter. ...Gifted. ...Though Too Often Used, The Term Founding Father Is, In The Case Of Doc Pomus, Appropriate. ...Pomus Helped Invent Rock & Roll."
Time Magazine
"...Legendary Rock & Roll Songwriter."
The Village Voice
"...The Legendary Songwriter Of Rock & Roll. ...The Very Antithesis Of Cool. ...A Man Among Men."
Ahmet Ertegun
"I Don't Know How I'll Live Without Him."
Lou Reed
"Doc Was A Great Songwriter, Poet, Philanthropist, Gambler And Raconteur Supreme. He Was A Blazing Sun, An Exploding Star And Anybody In His Orbit Benefited From Him."
Phil Spector
"Doc Pomus Is The Greatest Songwriter Who Ever Lived."
Doc Pomus
"I Didn't Want To Be The Crippled Songwriter Or The Crippled Singer. I Wanted To Be The Singer Or The Songwriter Who Was Crippled. I Wanted To Be Larger Than Life And A Man Among Men..."
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