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'Go Jimmy Go' Is The Latest Film From Felder Pomus Entertainment...

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'Go Jimmy Go' Synopsis...
The great philosopher Tony Robins once said, "Don't think inside the box!"
That sums up both James the accountant's and Sandy the attorney's problems.
James thinks inside the box and Sandy believes he's a Tony Robins.  What
happens when James follows Sandy's advice to, "Be spontaneous", "Take
action", "Think outside the box"?
Go Jimmy Go...
Sandy urges James, "Be spontaneous!  Ask Lily out."  James does and she
says yes!  Sandy urges James, "Take action!  Cross the street despite the no
crossing sign."  James does and feels great!  Sandy urges James, "Think
outside the box!  Go on your date with Lily.  I'll wear your Corrections
Department monitoring collar you got after I defended you in court because
I tore up the ticket the policeman gave you for crossing the street illegally."
James does and...
Go Jimmy Go...
Alarm bells go off in police headquarters after Sandy puts the collar on James'
dog Jimmy so Sandy can go chase ambulances and Jimmy then leaves the
house to go chase female dogs!
Go Jimmy Go...
James is chasing a change to his predictable future [life].
Sandy is chasing an ambulance.
Jimmy is chasing a quickie.
Go Jimmy Go...  It's all about the chase...
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Go Jimmy Go Contact Information...

Geoffrey J Felder
Felder Pomus Entertainment
145 East 16th Street
Suite 8C
New York 10003-3427
212.674.9330  212.388.1312 (fax)
Brandi Savitt
Senza Pictures
The Film Collective
349 Broadway
Third Floor
New York 10013
212.334.3577  212.334.3565 (fax)
Doug Torres
302 East 92nd Street
Suite 2R
New York 10128
212.410.3778  917.204.3628 (cell)

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